April 28, 2023

10:00 AM

Welcome and Introductions

10:15 AM

Choice Neighborhood Initiatives Panel Discussion

City of Houston (Invited)

City of Freson (Invited)

Atlantic City, NJ (Invited)

11:00 AM

RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) & Section 3 Opportunities

Knight Development (Invited)

11:45 AM

Section 3 New Contractor Highlights

12:00 PM

Contracting Match Making, Networking and Meet and Greet

Games, and Leadership Board Engagement

12:30 PM

Expo Conclusion

Connect with HUD Entities Required to Meet Section 3

As an under-resourced, utilized small business, we know you want to be a business that grows, and everyone knows. In order to do that, you need to increase sales and performance. The problem is you can’t seem to access the right contracts and opportunities you need to grow your business and gain performance, and this makes you wonder if starting your small business is even worth it.

We believe that regardless of income, everyone deserves a fair shot!

As small business owners ourselves we understand what it means to start something from nothing but an idea, which is why we created this platform–the Section 3 Marketplace! The only 3D virtual interactive platform designed and dedicated to connecting your small business to HUD financially assisted entities required to meet Section 3 federal requirements.

Your Business Doesn’t Have to Struggle in Isolation Anymore–We Can Help!
1. Secure Your Presence

Make your company’s brand known to HUD financially assisted entities required to meet the Section 3 mandate.

2. Approve Your Storefront Design

Our design team will build your storefront using your website’s (required) colors, images and themes.

3. Connect, Collaborate and Create

Connect and access the opportunities in collaboration with other small businesses. Find what your business needs to create that edge!

Why You Should Register for This Event

  • Your Mission: Section 3 is the starting point for self-sufficiency. Help move residents forward!
  • Your Goal: Meet Section 3 compliance goals and requirements with ease. No hassles or complications!
  • Your Communities: Thriving families create thriving communities. Help strengthen families!
  • Your Business: Connect with contractors, learn how to compete, and bid for opportunities!
  • Your Skills: Enhance and develop the skills you need to grow!
  • Your Network: Connect with like-minded professionals, build powerful relationships, grow your network!

Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline to register for the event is March 30, 2023.
You do not need to download any software. You can access the event from your desktop computer, laptop, and/or mobile device.
Visit the main page and enter the email address that you registered with to access the event.
Yes, the platform is FREE and open to the public.